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HOUT CHHAY Co.,LTD (Manufacturing / Production)

-មានសញ្ញាប័ត្រថ្នាក់បរិញ្ញាប័ត្រ ឬ យ៉ាងហោចណាស់កំពុងសិក្សាថ្នាក់បរិញ្ញាប័ត្រ ចាប់ពីឆ្នាំទី២ឡើង។ -មានភាពស្មោះត្រង់ អត់ធ្មត់ និង មានភាពរួសរាយ -មានវិន័យល្អ និង សណ្តាប់ធ្នាប់ក្នុងការងារ -មានអាយុចាប់ពី១៨ឆ្នាំដល់២៨ឆ្នាំ -ត្រូវចេះអានអក្សរជាតិ (ចេះអង់គ្លេស និង កុំព្យូទ័រកាន់តែប្រសើរ)

Full Time | Phnom Penh | Fresh/Entry Level | Civil Engineering/Construction
Pretty Manor (Manufacturing / Production)

ពណ៏នាពីការងារ  មិនចាំបាច់មានបទពិសោធន៏ក៏អាចធ្វើការបាន  អាចមានបទពិសោធន៏ជំនាញថែរក្សា សម្រស់និងទទូលបានប្រាក់ខែខ្ពស់  អាចកាន់លើទំព័រហ្វេសប៊ុក និង ផ្នែកលក់ផលិតផល  អាចធ្វើកិច្ចការដែលអ្នកគ្រប់គ្រង់ដាក់អោយ  ជាន់ទី១ផ្នែកលក់ និងជាន់ទី២ ផ្នែកម៉ាស្សា  មានចំណង់ចំនូលចិត្តផ្នែក ម៉ាស្សា  ចេះផ្សព្វផ្សាយផលិតផលសម្រស់លើបណ្តាញ អ៊ីនធ័រនែត

Full Time | Phnom Penh | Fresh/Entry Level | Personal Care
Horseware Products (Cambodia) Co., Ltd (Manufacturing / Production)
Full Time | Preah Sihanouk | Non-Executive | Purchasing/Material Mgmt
Shoepremier (特尊(柬) 鞋业有限公司) (Manufacturing / Production)
Full Time | Phnom Penh | Non-Executive | General/Cost Accounting
Cinkamp Apparel Corp (Manufacturing / Production)
-Handle recruitment Processes.- Provide new staff orientation.- Assist in staff training.- Control staff leave and Monitor staff attendance.- Control Office to make sure the office is clean and tidy.- Prepare staff profile- Control office and staff stationery to ensure the effectiveness and in timely manner.- Other duties assigned from time to time by Manager requirements.-Free accommodation and meals were provided if need.
Full Time | Kampong Speu | Non-Executive | Human Resource
ក្រុមហ៊ុន IFM (Manufacturing / Production)
Full Time | Phnom Penh | Non-Executive | Secretarial
Horseware Products (Cambodia) Co., Ltd (Manufacturing / Production)
- Production Reports And Update Efficiency for all department - Reduce downtime in production- Improve worker motion- Operation breakdown and time study- Supervise & motivate teamwork
Full Time | Preah Sihanouk | Non-Executive | Industrial Engineering
FEEDPRO KH COMPANY LTD., (Manufacturing / Production)
-Good in English and Computer-Honestly to the company-Good personal skill-Willing to learn new thing-Can work under pressure
Full Time | Phnom Penh | Senior Executive | Secretarial
KINGMAKER (Cambodia) Footwear Co.Ltd (Manufacturing / Production)
Full Time | Svay Rieng | Non-Executive | Secretarial
Mong Reththy Investment Cambodia Oil Palm Co., Ltd. (Manufacturing / Production)
** JOB LOCATION: Cheung Kor Commune, Prey Nope District, Preah Sihanouk Province.RESPONSIBILITY:- Monitoring and organizing action work plan into daily and monthly in Estate- Budgeting and maintaining accurate financial records- Leading and pushing all activities in each division to be effective and efficiency on farm machinery management and consumption.- Understanding the implications of farm machinery using related to the field operations’ requirement.- Checking driver’s attendance and OT with HR Department- Prepare monthly cash requisition, diesel consumption and estimate diesel consumption.- Prepare requisition for diesel refilling and/or machinery repairing.- Do daily & monthly report and work as assign by Estate Manager.
Full Time | Preah Sihanouk | Senior Executive | Top Management
BHL Angkor Import-Export (Manufacturing / Production)
1. Sale សាខាភ្នំពេញ 2 នាក់2. Sale សាខាបាត់ដំបង 2 នាក់3. Sale Admin សាខាកណ្តាល ខេត្តត្បូងឃ្មុំ ១ នាក់
Full Time | Battambang | Non-Executive | Sales-Corporate
Tang Pech Construction Co ., Ltd (Manufacturing / Production)
- ការងារទទួលខុសត្រូវមាន៖- ត្រួតពិនិត្យស្តុកចេញ ចូលប្រចាំថ្ងៃ- ចងក្រងកំណត់ត្រាស្តុកឲ្យមានភាពត្រឹមត្រូវ- ទួទាត់បញ្ជីស្តុក- រក្សាកំណត់ត្រា និងរក្សាបាននូវការទូទាត់បញ្ជីចំណូលចំណាយ ស្តុកទាំងមូល- ធ្វើការគ្រប់គ្រងឃ្លាំងស្តុក និងរាយការណ៍រាល់ការបាត់បង់/ខូចខាត- រក្សាអនាម័យ និងភាពស្អាតជានិច្ចនៅក្នុងឃ្លាំងស្តុក- បញ្ចូលសំភារៈស្តុកក្នុងទិន្នន័យ- រៀបចំបញ្ជីនិងរបាយការណ៍ក្នុងឃ្លំាងស្តុកប្រចាំខែ- ភារៈកិច្ចផ្សេងទៀតដែលបានផ្ដល់ពីប្រធានគ្រប់គ្រង
Full Time | Phnom Penh | Junior Executive | Clerical/Administrative
THAILENG Co., ltd (Manufacturing / Production)
- Greeting and Warm Welcome to Customers- Control over products inventory displayed in showroom- Keep showroom clean and neat- Pick up phone call from customers- Communication, problem solving, and presentation skills with customers
Full Time | Phnom Penh | Junior Executive | Sales-Corporate
HYUNWOOCAM CO.,LTD (Manufacturing / Production)
Full Time | Phnom Penh | Junior Executive | Merchandising
Sonavith Co., Ltd (Manufacturing / Production)
- Assist accountant work- Prepare daily work with accountant- Keep and check all account document- Prepared daily, monthly report- Prepare and verify daily reports- Prepare daily income/sales and prepare daily journal entry- Prepare account receivable - Compile monthly reports- Prepare monthly balance sheet schedules- Other task will be assigned by manager
Full Time | Phnom Penh | Junior Executive | General/Cost Accounting

Stay in construction!!!

Stay in construction!!!