Tools & Tips on Getting Your Work Done on Time


Deadlines are a source of motivation and stress. Meeting those completion goals are possible with a reorganization of your priorities and simple techniques to manage your workload, enhance your focus and place barriers against interruptions. With commitment and adherence to a plan of attack, you will accomplish those urgent tasks at hand.

Limit Distractions
Social media not related to your work can cause your mind to stray. Although scanning a news feed may feel like it takes only seconds, the time adds up and your concentration is broken for longer than you might realize. In addition to blocking out the Internet, choose to work in a quiet place. For some, taking the time to give the workspace a quick tidying-up can go a long way toward helping you focus on work.

Keep Others at Bay
Balancing your responsibility to your urgent work and to your colleagues and other work tasks is an art best accomplished by shutting the door. Schedule time for meetings and place a "do not disturb" sign on your door or workspace to alert others that it's not the best time to seek your advice on a new idea. Let the calls go to voicemail and let the emails collect in your inbox. Return messages at a specified time only.

Pace Yourself
When you're facing a deadline, it may seem illogical to schedule breaks. But a burst of 60-90 minutes of focused work, followed by a 15-minute break, will prove to be more productive than longer stretches of time that leave you feeling drained. To make sure you have enough time to be consistently at your best, plan your periods of work and your rest periods. Once you get going, watch the clock and stick to the plan.

Break It Down
Even the largest project can be broken down into smaller, more manageable components. Make a task list that divides up your work into chunks. You will have to focus on smaller bits of work for shorter periods of time and will, as a result, work more efficiently. If one piece of a project proves frustrating for you, leave it to the side and move on to complete something else that is essential and easier to complete.

Healthy Body, Productive Day
Working efficiently is often best accomplished when you're feeling your best. Get enough rest, devote time to exercise and eat well on a regular basis. When your head isn't tipping over from fatigue, you're better able to focus on those important work-related goals.

Source From: work.chron